Ethical SEO Company

Welcome to Ethical SEO Company, a business that offers ethical search engine optimization services for companies of any size. Unlike the teams that use the so-called grey hat and black hat SEO techniques, we offer 100% ethical, white-hat SEO services for our clients. This approach offers many advantages, the most important one being the constant increase in ranks, regardless on Google’s algorithm changes, because the websites we’re promoting are never penalized.

Google is still the most important search engine in the world, so we will focus on getting you top Google ranks for keywords that will increase your profit in a significant manner; nevertheless, all the ethical SEO methods that we are using work very well for all the major search engines, including Yahoo and Bing.

Our Methodology

Our mission is simple: we connect you with targeted visitors, people that are interested in the products and / or services offered by your company. How do we do that? We start the process by working with you, creating a list of buying keywords, phrases that are typed in the search engines by customers who are ready to buy your products or services. As an example, if your company is selling watches, a good list would include keywords like “white watches for men”, “cheap ladies watches”, and so on.

We filter all these keywords carefully, making sure that they have a significant monthly search volume and thus are able to bring in a significant amount of visitors to your website. Finally, we assess the competition, studying the top 10 competitors’ strength for each keyword in the list, identifying the low hanging fruit, keywords that can be ranked fast, as well as competitive keywords, which can take up to 6 months to rank.

It’s time to optimize the website! We can work with your web designer (if you have one), we can optimize the existing website or we can create a brand new one from scratch, depending on your preferences; this process is called on-page SEO. As your website starts to rank well for more and more keywords, we will add more and more pages to it, targeting even more keywords and thus bringing in more and more targeted visitors to your website.

The final step (off-page SEO) consists of promoting your website all over the internet, attracting many visitors and inbound links, votes from web pages from all over the world – these votes will push your website to the top of Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc.

Sadly, many SEO companies do this the wrong way, attracting penalties over their clients’ sites. Why do they choose to use black hat and grey hat SEO techniques? First of all, these techniques are easier to implement, so they can bring in results without too much work. The bad news for the clients is the fact that the people at Google are very smart and they are usually catching up with the black hat techniques within months.

As an example, one of the recent Google algorithm updates (Panda / Farmer) which has penalized websites with poor content, has sent many websites, including web pages that are owned by huge corporations, into oblivion. Some of the big websites have lost up to 95% of their traffic in only a few days – imagine what this did to their sales! In fact, you don’t even have to imagine that; some of them, such as Mahalo, have decided to reduce their personnel right away just because of the Panda / Farmer update.

Your Advantages

Working with an ethical SEO company will help you survive any search engine algorithm change; in fact, all the changes that weed out the poorly promoted websites will remove a few of your competitors, thus improving the rank of your website. Dangers like deindexing (removing your website from the search engine results completely), getting into the sandbox (preventing your website from getting top ranks) or any other penalties are close to zero when you are using the services offered by a 100% white hat SEO company.

You will not be troubled by any future search engine algorithm change because you know that your SEO company did the right thing, so there’s nothing to fear about. And if Google penalizes your website accidentally (it happens to a small number of websites with each major algorithm change) you can confidently contact them and ask them to remove the accidental penalty.

We like it or not, most websites are penalized because they deserve it. Google makes a lot of money from advertising, but most people (up to 90%) don’t click the sponsored results because they don’t trust them – anyone can buy a spot there! Nevertheless, if the visitors stop trusting Google because the top non-paid (organic) results come from spammy sites, pages with poor content, etc, they will stop using Google for good and thus they won’t click the paid ads ever, making Google lose its main income source. So even if Google only gets money from the sponsored ads, it needs to make sure that the people don’t migrate to Yahoo and / or Bing by providing quality organic search results.

This explains clearly why a website which only has a page with 200 words of text can’t get a good rank for competitive keywords; the same thing goes for a website that has lots of pop-up windows, advertisements, and so on. Unlike an ethical SEO company, the black hat teams continue to search for loopholes that allow them to work less, but even they know that these techniques will not work forever (I’ve got a feeling that they don’t care about this either). Since off-page SEO (creating backlinks to your website) plays a crucial role, make sure to inquire about the link building methods that will be utilized by the company you’re going to work with; why would they hide them from you if they’re 100% white hat?

As a conclusion, make sure to choose a team that knows how to work with Google, and not against it. Give Google what it wants and it will reward you, offering you top ranks and thus getting hordes of highly targeted, free visitors to your website. Most of our clients stop using the AdWords (sponsored ads) campaigns as they reach the first Google page organically, thus saving thousands of dollars each month. And the good news doesn’t stop here: since 9 out of 10 people only click the organic results, a well ranked company also gets a significant recognition boost, being perceived as an authority in its field of activity. These are just of the few advantages that arise from using the services of an ethical SEO company.